The much wanted battery cases at long last arrived on the Apple iPhone 4. We realize this one is occurring soon, it is inevitable. The Exogear Exolife Battery-powered Battery iPhone 4 Case flaunts the world’s slimmest and lightest battery case type in the market today.

It has a hot plan that likewise kills the gathering issues of the ongoing age iPhone. It has a polycarbonate shell that hardens your gadget and shields against knocks, scratches, scratches and drops.

It has a 1500 mAh Lithium-particle polymer battery that copies the power limit of your iPhone 4 so you can involve it for quite a while. It has an opening for the camera and drove streak in addition to a total access on the volume buttons. It incorporates is a USB 2.0 link to be ported upon the situation for simple matching up of your gadget. It is easy to turn 3.7 volt battery on and switch off utilizing a power switch at the rear of the case.

It is really a wonderful battery case it even has a battery meter to follow your juice. It likewise has a brand name ExoSave innovation that safeguards the energy of your Exolife that switches off automatically when it isn’t being used.

Exogear Exolife Battery-powered Battery Case for iPhone 4 is being presented in two tones, Dark, which will be accessible on July 30, 2010 and White with a significantly longer availablility of September 30, 2010. You can pre-request now on their authority site for a proposed retail cost of $89.95.
Well you have made the critical choice and as of now you need to know where to start. Well the primary thing to look at is the condition on your gearbox. This will be one of those times where you should be astoundingly fair with yourself. Is this gearbox in the best shape it will in general be? When was the last time you shimmed the gearbox? When did you last lube the gearbox? If you have not expected a venture to guarantee you have no upheaval or play in your pinion wheels take that time now. You will pay later when a straightforward faltering changes into a turning stuff of death and takes out your AEG in upheld fire if you don’t.

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